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Star MegaDo 4 Bookings Open July 9

Mark your calendars because the Star MegaDo 4 bookings open July 9th.  If you’re asking, “What is a Star MegaDo?” then you’re in luck because you’re about to find out.

A MegaDo is “a once-in-a-lifetime field trip for the world’s ULTIMATE travel junkies.”

A chartered plane where:

1) All the passengers are mileage/point junkies (and a few plus ones who were brought kicking and screaming along), airline and hotel executives, and media.

2) Where you can spend hours after hours talking miles/points with someone:

a) who is just like you

b) who won’t think you’re insane

c) who won’t be frantically pushing the call button, looking for an escape another seat (Ok, maybe, but on the MegaDo, it’s my understanding that there isn’t a lot of sitting in your seats. It’s more a party in skies, stand in the aisles thing.)

d) who you might learn a thing or two about free stopovers, fuel dumps, and other travel hacks

3) Where the destination doesn’t matter, only the journey.

This year’s MegaDo, Star MegaDo 4 is scheduled for November 13 – 16, 2012 with an optional day, Giddy Up Day on November 17, 2012.  And yes, it is months away, but you need to clear your calendar because come July 9th, when tickets go on sale, you need to be at your computer, ready to book immediately.

Last year’s MegaDo, the OneWorld MegaDo, sold out in 17 minutes.  Holy Cow, Batman.  17 minutes.  I’m sure you’re thinking,

You can find the entire schedule and learn more about Star MegaDo 4 from Milepoint thread here.

Seat categories for the StarMegaDo 4:
  • Business First: $1999 USD
  • Tommy Class (more leg room and no one next to you): $1599 USD
  • Economy Plus: $1249 USD
  • Economy: $999 USD


Don’t have an extra $999 – $1999 lying around?  Here are some opportunities for a free seat on the Star MegaDo 4:

1) Parag is giving away a seat on the Star MegaDo 4.  His giveaway includes flights to get you from where you are to the starting point (SFO) and ending point (ORD), hotel accommodations at each stop, and meals (if needed).  How generous is that!  Visit his blog (Frequent Flyer University) for more details.

2) Brian aka The Points Guy, stated in his post that may be doing another seat giveaway like last year.

Block off July 9 on your calendar, close the door to your office, take the day off work, do whatever you need to so you’re ready to book.

Reminder: learn more about the Star MegaDo here and participate in the discussion here.

I’ll be on the Star MegaDo 4, hope to see you there!



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    So this looks like fun and I wish I had read about it earlier. I’ll keep my ear to the ground for the next one! Hope you have a great time, can’t wait to read about it.


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