$25 statement credit Small Business Saturday

Get a $25 Statement Credit For Shopping On Small Business Saturday

$25 statement credit Small Business Saturday

When you enroll your American Express credit cards today, you will get a $25 statement credit for shopping on Small Business Saturday.

2 Easy Steps to get a $25 Statement Credit for Shopping on Small Business Saturday:

  1. Register or enroll your American Express cards here
  2. Shop at a participating business on Small Business Saturday and spend $25 or more

You can find a participating Small Business Saturday business here.

In other words, when you register or enroll your American Express credit cards today, and you make a purchase of $25 or more using your American Express card at a participating Small Business Saturday business on November 24, 2012, you will receive a $25 statement credit.

That’s a $25 statement for eachAmerican Express card you’ve enrolled in the Small Business Saturday promotion.  If you’re registered 3 cards, that’s $75 in statement credits.

Basically it’s spend $25 get $25.

All American Express credit cards can be registered for this promotion, including American Express credit cards issued by other banks such as Citibank, Bank of America, etc.

However, American Express prepaid cards (such as the Bluebird) and debit are not eligible to be registered for this promotion.

You can also register American Express cards issued to authorized users of an account provided the American Express card has a separate unique number.

For example, if your American Express card is 3123 456789 12345 and your spouse’s, partner’s, child’s or whomever you have as an authorized user on your account card is 3123 456789 12456 then you can register their card and get a $25 statement credit for shopping on Small Business Saturday.

There is a limit to how many American Express cards nationwide that can be enrolled in the program, but American Express does not say what that limit is.  So, if you want to get a $25 statement credit for shopping on Small Business Saturday, enroll your card now.

I’ve enrolled all my American Express cards, after all, it’s free money.  Will you?


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