Earn 5x On Apple Accessories From Staples

5x On Apple Products From Staples



The day has finally arrived!  Get free shipping and earn 5x on Apple accessories from Staples.

Limited time offer so make those purchases quick.

2 Easy Steps to Earn 5x On Apple Accessories from Staples

1. Purchase your favorite Apple accessories from your local Staples or online at Staples.com

2. Use your Chase Ink (Bold, Cash, Classic, and Plus) and earn 5x for the office supply category

Pump up your earnings and earn 7x 

Go through the Ultimate Rewards Mall and earn 7x when you buy Apple products from Staples using your Chase Ink card.

You’ll earn 5x for the office supply category spending and an additional 2x for going through the Ultimate Rewards Mall.

Other Apple products are scheduled to be available from Staples sometime later this year.

You’ll receive free shipping on:

  • orders sent to your local Staples store
  • all orders over $45

Now that you have an opportunity to earn 5x on Apple accessories from Staples and 7x when shopping via the Ultimate Rewards Mall, will you be buying your Apple accessories from Staples or will you continue to buy from your local Apple store?

Note: The Chase Ink credit card link is merely provided as a courtesy.  Travelingwellforless receives no financial compensation or incentive.

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