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  1. Great tips! So there is no exclusion on purchasing gift cards, like there sometimes is online? If not the gas cards and Amazon cards would be a great way to max it out. We’ve already been doing as little restaurant dining as possible, knowing that we dine out for 5x after April 1 🙂

    • Nope, you can buy as many as you like up to $1,500 to receive the 5% cash back bonus.

      I’ve updated the list (it got truncated along the way) so the entire list of gift cards to include clothing and department store is included.

    • I wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea. It may not be the most advantageous. But it depends on someone’s spending habits. If someone isn’t going to spend $500 a month eating out, then it makes more sense for them to buy the restaurant gift cards from Lowe’s to use for future dining and/or gifts and still get the 5% cashback bonus.

      You also want to keep in mind that sometimes some restaurants aren’t coded correctly and the Chase won’t recognize the charge as a restaurant.

    • Hi An,

      Good point. 5X all the time using the Ink cards at office supply stores are great.

      But not everyone has an Ink card. They might only have the Freedom card.

      Using your Freedom also lets you get an additional 7,500 points and don’t impact your $50k office supply store yearly limit.

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