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Best Buffalo Wings Recipe

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Super Bowl and buffalo wings are like peanut butter and jelly. This is the best buffalo wings recipe that’s easy to make.

There is very little mess. No hot oil to worry about because you don’t need a deep fryer.

These baked buffalo wings are a favorite in our house. No leftovers guaranteed!

If you have a large family to feed or a crowd coming over, make double the batch.

When your family loves buffalo wings and would eat them all the time.

Going out to eat every day wrecks havoc on your budget unless you can find a great Happy Hour or Wing Wednesday deal.

But then you have to load up all the kids in the car. And you know once you get to the restaurant they won’t just order the $0.50 wings. They’ll want to order entrees, sodas, maybe even dessert!


That can get very expensive if you have lots of children. Or boys with endless appetites aka garbage disposal stomaches.

What to do?

Make your own buffalo chicken wings!

History of Buffalo Wings

Teressa Bellissimo served the first buffalo wings at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964.

Created because of a delivery mishap or for her son’s late-night snack request, Bellissimo’s considered the inventor of the buffalo wings.

Although some believe that buffalo chicken wings came from African American migrants who settled in Chicago around 1916.

Regardless of where wings came from, my family loves them.

Deb has loved chicken wings long before buffalo wings hit the scene.

Her mom made non-spicy non-sticky Chinese chicken wings for them while growing up.

Back when everyone considered chicken wings as throwaway parts. When you could buy a pound of wings for less than $0.50. Now you’re lucky to get that price for one wing during Happy Hour.

Deb’s mom’s chicken wings were so good, an Asian restaurant in Encinitas, California used her recipe on their menu.

I couldn’t compete with a favorite recipe from Deb’s childhood. But I could make the best buffalo wings recipe.

The Secret to the Best Buffalo Wings

None of this is original thinking.

After several years of experimenting and blending several recipes, I have landed on a formula that hits all the flavors and the much-needed crispiness and also semi-easy preparation.

Pro-tip: The key is to use aluminum-free baking powder to coat the wings before baking.

Without realizing the importance of this step, I tried regular double action baking powder. The result was okay.

But when you use aluminum-free baking powder the wings taste much better.

Some would even say the wings are spectacular.

Using aluminum-free baking powder and the best buffalo sauce recipe gives you the best baked buffalo wings ever.

Pro-tip: This recipe also works with a deep fryer or air fryer.

Best Buffalo Wings Recipe

Here’s my secret recipe for the best buffalo chicken wings.

You can use fresh chicken wings or dethawed frozen chicken wings. Both work well. I use frozen wings because we buy them in bulk from Costco.

Pro-tip: If there’s an Asian market near you, buy your wings there. They are sometimes cheaper than Costco or Sam’s Club.

Make sure your wings are as dry as possible.

Blot with paper towels to remove all excess moisture.

This will allow for a more even coating of the baking powder spice combo.

Baking Powder Spice Combo Recipe

Blend together in a small bowl:

Once blended, apply to wings.

After trial and error, I found that sprinkling the mixture over a batch of 8 to 10 chicken wings in a large bowl seemed to get the best coverage.

Using a ziplock seemed to get the wings too moist and gummed up.

Pro-tip: For best results sprinkle the spice powder over the wings.

Arrange on aluminum foil protected baking sheets with some sort of grate or wire rack to keep wings elevated above the drippings.

The secret to crispy buffalo wings is aluminum-free baking powder

This lets the skin get properly crispy. Crispy buffalo chicken wings are what everyone wants.

Cook at 450 for 25 minutes. Remove and turn wings over. Put back in the oven another 25 minutes.

During the last few minutes of the second 25 minutes of baking, start on the buffalo wings sauce recipe.

Buffalo Wings Sauce Recipe

The secret is the Italian dressing

This is the best homemade buffalo chicken wings sauce. The secret is the Italian dressing mix.


If you like sweeter wings, add 3 to 6 tablespoons of honey to the sauce recipe.

Want just a hint of hot buffalo? Reduce the amount of Franks to your taste.

Mix or whisk together in a large bowl to coat the wings for the final bake.

Dip the wings in the sauce mixture.

Return to 450-degree oven for 20 minutes or desired crispness.

Serve with Ranch dressing or Blue Cheese dressing with a side of carrot sticks and celery sticks.



Everyone loves buffalo wings. They’re tasty, fun, and a great party favorite. You’ll love this easy, no-bake recipe for the best buffalo wings.

There isn’t any hot oil to worry about especially if you have little ones. And there’s less mess to clean. You can even use an air fryer.

After a lot of trial and error, I discovered the secret to the best crispy buffalo wings. Aluminum-free baking powder and Italian dressing.

With these two ingredients, you can make the best buffalo wings that are both crispy and spicy hot.

Be sure to match several batches because these buffalo chicken wings are so good they’ll be gobbled up fast!

What’s your favorite buffalo wings recipe?

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Sunday 13th of March 2022

My husband and son would have buffalo wings every single day. That's how much they love it.


Sunday 13th of March 2022

Buffalo wings! Sounds perfect for tonight! I want a huge basket!

Richelle Milar

Sunday 13th of March 2022

That looks absolutely delicious and tasty! I would really love to try this recipe!


Saturday 12th of March 2022

We love buffalo wings! This recipe looks amazing, I really like chicken wings to be crispy. I need to check our baking powder now!

Elizabeth Neas

Saturday 12th of March 2022

One of my best friends lived very close to Buffalo and told me all about the history of the Buffalo Wing. Reading your post reminded me how much I missed her. I enjoyed your post and your wings look delicious.

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