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Solution to Emotional Support Animal Debate: Comfort Golden Retriever

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If you’re a regular reader you know I don’t reveal a lot of personal stuff on the blog. It’s not that I don’t love you guys, but baring all isn’t my thing.

No nudity for me. LOL, had to inject a little humor. That being said, sometimes things come up and I lay my cards on the table so to speak.

The last two years have been a bit rough for us. Last year my father-in-law had a series of multiple strokes which left him unable to care for himself.

He was already suffering some signs of Alzheimer’s Disease before the strokes and the strokes made it worse. They robbed him of the person he was and stole his joy. Until now. In the form of a comfort golden retriever.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hasbro’s Joy For All brand as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Comfort Golden Retriever

A comfort golden retriever is a solution to the emotional support animal debate. Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pet. golden pup.

Because my father-in-law has Alzheimer’s and other medical problems, my mother-in-law is his primary caregiver. But this summer, she fell and broke her hip.

And just like that, Jeff and I were thrust into the role of caring for and parenting a parent, again.

This isn’t the first time we’ve cared for a parent. Many years ago my mom lived with us during her last few weeks before she passed away from cancer.

It’s a weird dynamic. Telling your parent what to do. Being the bossy one. Although, if you ask my younger sisters (or anyone), I’ve never had a problem bossing someone around.

Caring for an older, aged parent who can’t take care of themselves is another entirely different matter. Bathing, dressing, and helping your parent in the restroom robs them of their dignity.

It’s hard to get some sense of normalcy back. Finding little joys and comforts are few and far between. For most people, pets are that comfort.

My in-laws have always had golden retrievers. Their last one, Lady Di (yep, named after the Princess of Wales) died several decades ago. Our golden retriever is their surrogate four-legged grandchild. They love having him visit.

Because my father-in-law is confined to his chair and bed, he can’t play with our dog. And with his medical equipment, the dog doesn’t get to come over as often. My father-in-law has missed that companionship.

Hasbro's Joy For All Companion Pet, Golden pup, a comfort golden retriever provides companionship for the elderly.

When I gave my father-in-law the Hasbro Joy for All Companion Pet: Golden Pup, it brought a smile to his face as wide as the Nile River. It was as if the dam had burst. Nothing could contain his happiness. He hasn’t smiled like that in a long time.


A comfort golden retriever is a solution to the emotional support animal debate. Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pet. golden pup.

My in-laws couldn’t get over the Hasbro Joy for All Companion Pets life-like features. The pets have soft fur, respond to touch, and make sounds.

Like a real dog or cat. So real that my father-in-law asked the cat, “What’s your name?” And our dog thought the pup was a real puppy and wanted to play.

The cat purrs when you pet or brush it (brush included) and rolls onto its back.

The comfort golden retriever, Golden Pup, cocks its head toward you when you talk to it, barks, and makes cute puppy like sounds. It even nuzzles your hand when you stroke its cheek.

But no worries, the Pet Pup nor Pet Cat won’t get all Cujo or Ex Machina on you.

Unlike a real animal, you can mute the Companion pet. So you get all the benefits of a pet without the negatives. You don’t have to feed it, walk it, or clean up after it. Say goodbye to that poop scooper.

My father-in-law loves his comfort golden retriever, “Marvelous. Those animals are wonderful.”

Health Benefits

hand petting golden colored dog

Having a pet improves your health by lowering your blood pressure and reducing stress. Just petting a dog lowers your heart rate.

And because you can pet, talk to and cuddle Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets, you get the health benefits without having to clean up and look after a pet. Great for someone who can’t take care of themselves and for their caregivers who are already looking after them.

To fight against loneliness, Hasbro provided Joy For All Companion Pets to housebound seniors in five states through the Meals on Wheels program.

If you watched This is Us, you’ll recognize the Orange Tabby Cat from Season 6, episode 16.

Solution to Emotional Support Animal Debate

Because the Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets are so life-like, they are the solution to the emotional support animal debate.

Think about it. A robot dog or cat aka Hasbro’s Joy for All Companion Pet is the perfect emotional support animal and a win for everyone. Here’s why:

Win for the passenger:

  • A doctor’s note isn’t required
  • You don’t have to contact the airline 48 hours in advance when you bring a Joy For All Companion Pet on the plane
  • You can sit in the exit row (emotional support and service animals are barred from exit rows)
  • Doesn’t have to fit on your lap or under your seat

Win for other passengers and crew:

  • No allergic reaction from other passengers
  • There’s nothing to clean up (accidents do happen…)
  • A Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pet won’t get into a fight with another emotional support animal on the plane

Apartment or Tiny House

If you live in an apartment or tiny house, consider Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets.

You won’t have to pay a pet deposit, the neighbors won’t complain about the noise, and your kids will have a furry companion of their own.

Another consideration when living in a small space is finding narrow walkers for seniors. A comfort golden retriever won’t get in the way of the walker.


My father-in-law loves his comfort golden retriever, aka the Golden Pup, Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pet.

The Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pets are marketed as a companion for the elderly, especially those that are housebound, need extra care, or are afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease. But they’re perfect for everyone from young children, people who need an emotional support animal, to the elderly.

With life-like features and sounds but without the work of a real pet, the Companion Pet is a good solution to the emotional support animal debate.

Hasbro’s Joy For All Companion Pets are the only emotional support animal you’ll need, especially the comfort golden retriever.

Pro-tip: Save 10% off your purchase when you use coupon code: JOY2016

What do you think? Can a Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pet like the comfort golden retriever, solve the problem with emotional support animals?

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Hasbro Joy For All Companion Pet, Golden Pup, a comfort golden retriever for all ages. All the benefits of a real pup without the cleanup.

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William Joshe

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

I know you have revealed some personal stuff on your blog but they were interesting. I like them all. Joy and comfort is a must needed things for this type patient. A dog like Golden Retriever can create a very joyful environment, so your idea was perfect. I am a big dog lover, so everything positive about the dog is a matter of great joy for me. I know a good dog can make a big difference in people’s lives. Dogs are our best friend. Once again an interesting post. Thanks for sharing!


Wednesday 28th of December 2016

I'm sorry to hear about the health challenges that your family is facing. It's nice to see products that address these situations.


Wednesday 28th of December 2016

The pictures with your in laws are so sweet! Your father in law's face just shines. Ive never heard of these before, but they seem wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Marielle Altenor

Sunday 25th of December 2016

That is an interesting idea. Some retiring homes don't allow real pets, so this would be an alternative.

Shaney Maharaj

Friday 23rd of December 2016

Wow, this is so cool. My niece is crazy about animals and asks me every year to buy something like this. This would definitely be the best Christmas gift for her.

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