Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee

Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee

Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee


Several hotel chains offer a Best Rate Guarantee program, Hyatt is no exception.  Unlike the other chains, the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee program doesn’t require you to submit a claim, you simply make a phone call.

Last night I discovered a lower rate on an upcoming Hyatt reservation so I called the Best Rate Guarantee line.

Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Program Ins and Outs:

1. Call Hyatt to submit a claim

Found a lower rate?  Call a Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Representative at 1-866-886-5054 or 1-402-593-5073 during the hours of 7am – 2am Central Time, 7 days a week.

The extended hours make it easy for us on the West Coast to call after work or in the evening versus having to get up at 0’dark thirty.

While I like the ability to call Hyatt immediately, requiring someone to call instead of submitting a claim via email or online can be disadvantageous if you’re out of the country and don’t want to incur significant phone charges.

2. Once the lower rate is verified, your rate will be adjusted immediately

When I called last night, I spent about 8 minutes on hold before a Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee Representative was able to take my call.  But the actual lowering of the rate took less than 1 minute.

After I hung up I refreshed my browser and pulled up my reservation and viola, the rate had indeed been adjusted to the lower rate.

9 minutes to save $9, definitely worth it.  Except I thought I was going to save $25….keep reading…

3. An additional 20% will be deducted from the lower rate

The Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee policy states that “If the claim qualifies, they will apply the 20% discount.”

However, what they really mean is a 20% discount off the lower rate will be applied only if the lower rate is found on a third party website and not on Hyatt’s own website.

And this is where a gray area occurred and why I only saved $9 using the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee vs $25.

My original booking was an advance purchase rate of $89.10 that I booked on February 3.

Something prompted me to look up the rates and I noticed that the same advance purchase rate on was now $80.10.

I Googled “Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee” to see if Hyatt had a best rate guarantee policy.

While my rate was lowered to the new lower advance purchase rate, the 20% additional discount was not honored.

Why?  I was told it was because I had found the lower rate on Hyatt vs a third party website.  Had I found it on Travelocity or Expedia, they would have given me an additional 20% off.

I pulled up Expedia, but Expedia was showing $80.11. That measly penny cost me $16.

Have you used the Hyatt Best Rate Guarantee? What was your experience?

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