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Drinking Wine With Ghosts on the Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk

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Disclosure: My admission to the Concannon Vineyard Haunted Hallow Wine Walk was provided courtesy of Visit Tri-Valley.  All opinions are my own.

If someone had told me I would spend my Friday night with ghosts and pairing wine with Halloween candy, I would have laughed and thought they were crazy.

But that’s exactly how I spent Friday evening.

Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

An evening with spirits, in and out of your wine glass
Photo courtesy of Concannon Vineyard

Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk

The Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk is not for the fainthearted or diabetic.

The idyllic setting of the Concannon Vineyard becomes transformed after the sun sets and the ghouls come out to play.

Concannon winery Livermore Traveling Well For Less

What lies beneath…

I arrived about 30 minutes before sunset, just enough time to snap a few photos of the grounds before the tour.

After downloading my photos, I discovered that my background photo of the Ellen Rowe Concannon Victorian home included additional details that weren’t seen by the naked eye.

The camera lens had captured these two apparitions.  And they didn’t look pleased.

Ghosts at Concannon Vineyward Ellen Rowe Concannon Traveling Well For Less

Ghosts of Ellen Rowe Concannon and friend with murderous intent?

During the Haunted Hallow Wine Walk I would later learn that the specters were the ghosts of Ellen Rowe Concannon and a friend.

The fun begins when I pick a wine glass and neon glow stick wristband from among the scattered severed ears, fingers and other assorted body parts on the table.

Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine walk glass and glow sticks Traveling Well For Less

Choose your wine glass, if you dare


After choosing my wine glass I’m directed to wait in the courtyard with the other guests and assorted jack-o-lanterns.

Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

Popping a few with Jack


Assemblage Blanc and Skittles

I’m handed a pack of Skittles and realized that, ghosts aside, this was not going to be an ordinary wine tasting tour.

The first pairing on the Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk is an Assemblage Blanc and Skittles.

Skittles goes with wine? Who would have thought?

Skittles actually pairs quite well with wine, in particular the Assemblage Blanc from Concannon.

(Because there wasn’t enough light, this will be the only clear photo of the wine and Halloween candy pairing.)

Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

Can you taste the rainbow?


Sipping on Assemblage Blanc and eating Skittles in the courtyard, I begin to settle in.

Unbeknownst to me that there is a ghost among us.

A cool wind blows and the ghost of James Concannon appears in a long black pointed cape.  He tells us that he “came over in his coffin” and regales us with tales of the early days of the Concannon Vineyard.

The spirit disappears as we walk towards the Ellen Rowe Concannon Victorian home.

Ellen Rowe Concannon Victorian Home Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

A home filled with the spirit or spirits…


Chardonnay and Candy Corn

The next pairing is a chardonnay and candy corn. The sweet candy corn pairs well with the buttery chardonnay.

Our guide tells us that Ellen Rowe Concannon’s body is not buried in the family plot. Because her body has never been found.

So how did Ellen Rowe Concannon die?  Or did she…

Ellen Rowe Concannon Ghost at Victorian Home Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

Is Ellen Rowe Concannon searching for her body?


Merlot and 3 Musketeers

We follow the dimly lit path to the Concannon Vineyward outside bar where we’re presented with a mini 3 Musketeers bar and a taste of Merlot.

Ironic because Athos ends up in the country at the end of the Three Musketeers, and the Concannon Vineyard is set in countryish setting of the Livermore Valley.

The chocolate flavor of the rich full bodied Merlot is enhanced by the 3 Musketeers bar.

I got lost in the flavor and didn’t pay attention to what the ghost was telling us.

Spook at Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

Reading tales from the crypt


Cabernet Sauvignon and Mounds

Our journey continues past the rows of vines, but it’s dark and the dimly lit path is long behind us.

We’re walking through dirt and along the grapes, the only light is from our iPhone flashlight.

It’s eerily quiet, too quiet.

Suddenly, a spook jumps out from among the grape vines. I barely held onto my wine glass.

After putting my heart back into my chest, I follow the others towards a small structure overlooking a makeshift cemetery.

Graveyard grounds keeper Traveling Well For Less

Keeper of the crypt


The Concannon family is not buried in the vineyard.  This is merely a fun addition to the Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk.

And a chance to rest and enjoy another wine pairing.

graveyard at Concannon Vineyard Traveling Well For Less

Noah Moore ghosts or are they ghosts still there?


For this pairing, we’re given cabernet sauvignon and bite-sized Mounds bar. The cherry and hints of spice in the cabernet sauvignon offset the coconut in the Mounds bar.

At this point, I’m enjoying the wine and candy and have tuned out on the ghost stories. I’m listening but not taking notes and my thoughts have drifted to, “I wonder what Halloween candy would pair well with champagne?”

Captain Joe’s Petite Sirah and M&Ms

We continue toward the Concannon Vineyard’s barrel room where we’re given M&Ms and Captain Joe’s Petite Sirah.

The small bits of chocolate M&Ms pair nicely with the hints of blueberry blackberry notes of Captain Joe’s Petite Sirah.

Concannon Vineyard barrel room Traveling Well For Less

Barrels of fun


Captain Joe shares his story with us.

Captain Joe Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

Captain Joe Concannon standing watch over the vineyard


As we turn the corner, I see a faint glimmer of light.  I can’t quite make out what it was, but there’s something luminescent about a set of barrels near the exit so I took a photo.

Ghostly Apparition Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk Traveling Well For Less

Which Concannon ghost is this?


Someone has lost her way.  Could this be the ghost of Nina Ferrario Concannon?

Petite Sirah Port and Snickers

Our last wine pairing was a petite sirah port with a bite sized Snickers bar.  Normally ports are really sweet and I don’t like them. But Concannon’s Petite Sirah Port was like Goldilock’s, “just right.” It wasn’t too sweet and was a nice way to end the evening.  Of course, anytime chocolate is involved, it’s the perfect way to close an evening.

You can read more Concannon Vineyard ghost stories here.

The Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk is $25 per person.  You have to buy your tickets in advance and you must be at least 21 years old to participate.

Costumes are encouraged, but not required.  Although, a couple who came dressed as flappers won a tour for 8 people and a private tasting.  Not too shabby for putting on a short fringy dress.  Flashlights are needed.

I had a great time on the Concannon Haunted Hallow Wine Walk and would highly recommend it.

Moms and dads will appreciate Halloween more if they go on a wine and Halloween candy pairing.  When it’s time to raid your kids’ Halloween stash, you’ll know which wine to pair with each piece of candy.

Would you go on a haunted wine walk?

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