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Is KeySmart Your Compact Travel Key Holder Solution?

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You’ve experienced it when you travel. Those dangling keys jingling and jangling all over the place. It’s one sure way to let someone know you’re coming. So how do you solve a problem like keys. How do you carry your USB key drive? How do you travel with keys? (to the tune of “How do you solve a problem like Maria.” start at 51 seconds) Is KeySmart Your Compact Travel Key Holder Solution?

Let’s find out. Keep reading for my review of KeySmart key holder.

Disclosure: I received the KeySmart – Compact Key Holder in exchange for my unbiased review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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KeySmart Compact Travel Key Holder

What do you do with your keys when traveling? Is KeySmart your compact travel key holder solution? Travel expert Debra Schroeder's KeySmart review. on Traveling Well For Less

Can KeySmart solve your key problem?

Like you, I bring my keys with me when traveling. Because when I get home, I kinda like to get back inside my house…

But when you have a lot of keys and/or a USB Key drive like the Kingston Digital DataTraveler, you need a compact solution for your keys when you travel. And that’s why I was excited to try out KeySmart.

This is a smart tool for keys. It’s like KeySmart. Had to go there. You know it had to be done.

What do you get when you combine Aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware, and a keys? KeySmart. A simple, compact solution to bulky key rings your for traveling or everyday use. That’s it in a nutshell. Pretty simple, nothing fancy.

But when it comes to a key holder, do you really need something fancy? Or will something like KeySmart work for you?

KeySmart comes in 9 different colors and includes a titanium option:

You can fit up to 10 keys on one KeySmart. But if you’re adding a USB key drive, it takes up a few spaces. According to KeySmart it takes up 2 slots but it seemed more like 2.5, almost 3 slots.

Attach your USB drive to your KeySmart. Is KeySmart your compact travel key holder solution? Travel expert Debra Schroeder's KeySmart review. on Traveling Well For Less

A USB Drive takes 2+ key spots

Each KeySmart comes with a key fob loop and a set of additional spacers if you’re adding an uneven number of keys.

If you have a lot of keys you’ll want to order the expansion pack (more spacers and longer posts). I got the regular sized KeySmart. But if you have longer keys you’ll want to get the extended KeySmart.

KeySmart is handmade in Chicago.

How it Works

KeySmart doesn’t come with assembly instructions but it’s pretty easy to figure out. You can follow this step-by-step guide complete with videos.


KeySmart Pros

1.  Compact

You’ll like the convenient compact, streamlined sized. Your keys won’t move around and make a lot of noise. And that bulge in your pocket won’t be your keys…

2.  Go Through Security Faster

If you don’t have TSA Pre-Check, the KeySmart makes it easier for you to go through security because you won’t be fumbling around with your keys. Because it looks like a Swiss Army knife, I would fan a few keys so that when your KeySmart is being scanned they can tell it’s a key holder. That way they won’t have to rescan and you won’t have to wait.

3. No Fumbling

Say goodbye to fumbling for your keys are a night out. You won’t drop your keys as much. Because KeySmart’s design you have something solid to hold onto when using your keys.

4.  USB Heaven

It’s so much easier to attach your Kingston Digital DataTraveler or other USB key drive to KeySmart. Plus it’s faster. In just a few short minutes you can add your USB key drive to your KeySmart and have all your data at the ready.

With a regular key ring, you have to get a coin and pull apart the key ring, hope you got it open wide enough. It’s just a nightmare. KeySmart solves that problem in a snap.

KeySmart Cons

At first, it was hard to move the keys. But fanning the keys (moving them in and out of the KeySmart), they were easy to manipulate.

But a little too easy. After a while the keys moved around a lot. And the screws needed to be tightened. This could be user error. Maybe I didn’t tighten the screws enough when I attached my keys.

It’s hard to attach key fobs. And they hang awkwardly and not flat or flush against your KeySmart.


Say goodbye to bulky key rings. KeySmart compact key holder is a smart solution to your key problem and works great when traveling with keys.

With 9 different colors including a titanium option to choose from, you can get a KeySmart that compliments your personality.

I loved being able to quickly add my USB drive. Traveling as often as I do, I don’t always want to bring my External Hard Drive when I only need to access one trip’s worth of photos. Being able to have my USB Drive on my KeySmart key ring makes it very handy.

Despite a couple of negatives about the KeySmart, I like the convenient solution for my keys.

Would a KeySmart compact key holder work for your keys?

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What do you do with your keys when traveling? Is KeySmart your compact travel key holder solution? Travel expert Debra Schroeder's KeySmart review. on

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