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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Snorkel Gear In Oahu

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After we schlepped our snorkel gear to Australia and Tahiti and dealt with giant, heavy bags, every trip since then we’ve rented snorkeling equipment when we travel. We’ve found that renting is better than traveling with our snorkel gear.

If you’re vacationing in Oahu, here are 5 reasons why you should rent snorkel gear in Oahu vs. bringing it from home.

gray and black snorkel fins and snorkel tub on brown rocks, rent snorkel gear in oahu or bring from home

1.  Save the Environment

Renting snorkel gear in Hawaii helps save the environment.

Okay, maybe not really but kind of in an A = B = C way.  And you thought Algebra in high school was useless…

By renting snorkel gear in Oahu you won’t have to drive to every sporting goods shop in your area looking for snorkel gear. No driving = no gas = saving the environment.

Give yourself a pat on the back, call yourself green, and wait for your Greenpeace membership card.

Does anyone else think it is ironic that Greenpeace mails membership cards? Killing one tree in the interest of saving others is ok.  Spock would be proud.

Not only will you save gas by not driving around, but you’ll also save time.

Time you could spend on the couch watching tv or online reading fascinating blogs like Traveling Well For Less. (Shameless promotion I know but someone had to do it.)

2.  Be a Hobo aka Travel Light

Not in the traditional sense of being penniless, but you’ll get a taste of being a hobo in that you can travel light.

Renting gear instead of schlepping it from home means you can travel with fewer bags or even smaller bags, like a carry on.

You’ll have more room in your suitcase for things like underwear. Bringing 7 or 8 pairs of underwear for 7 days is a good rule of thumb when packing. I know some other bloggers might say 3, but I like fresh drawers.

Your suitcases will weigh less which spares your back or knees from injury from hoisting 75-pound suitcases.

You’ll save money because you won’t pay checked bag fees.

Pro-tip: If you have airline elite status or have an airline credit card like the Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® World Elite Mastercard® or United℠ Explorer Card you get free checked bags.

3.  Less Stuff

Renting gear means less stuff in your house. Do you have room to store snorkel gear that you use once a year?  You might have to get rid of those Beanie Babies that you’re been holding onto for retirement. Or they’ll end up on an episode of Storage Wars.

4.  Save Money

You can save money. It is cheap to rent snorkel gear in Oahu.

You can rent a complete set of snorkeling gear for $9 – $12 a day or up to $36/week.

Sure you can buy snorkel gear from Costco for $50.  Of course, you’ll be paying $14 more, but go back and read reasons 1, 2, and 3 and you’ll see it’s cheaper to rent.

5.  Free Delivery to Hotel or Rental

When you rent snorkel gear in Oahu, you get free delivery to your hotel or rental.

Because there are limited options for renting snorkeling gear in Oahu, especially if you’re staying in the North Shore or outside of Waikiki, you can have snorkeling gear delivered to you from places like Hawaii Beach Time.

And yes, this is exactly what we did. This was convenient and saved time because we were staying in Laie, otherwise known as Mormon Town.

One quick call and four sets of snorkel gear were delivered promptly and for free to the rental home at 8 pm.

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snorkeling brandon

Wednesday 12th of March 2014

We always rent our snorkeling gear when we go snorkel or diving its just easier and faster..looks like you guys had lots of fun! We loved our snorkelong adventures in fort lauderdale florida.

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