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Spirit Airlines New Frequent Flyer Program

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Spirit Airlines has a new frequent flyer program. But can you get More Go for your money? Keep reading to find out if it’s worth flying Spirit Airlines.

Points Based on Spending

Under the old program, you earned Free Spirit points based on the miles you flown. Now you earn points based on spending, aka the cost of your ticket. This is how you earn miles on American Airlines, United, Delta, and Southwest.

The more your airline ticket costs, the more Free Spirit points you earn.

For example, you can earn 600, 800 or 1,000 points when you buy a $100 airline ticket.

The exact number of points varies depending on your Spirit Airlines elite status. Yes, you can earn elite status on Spirit.

Double Points for Extras

You earn double points for the Big Front Seat, fees for carry on and checked bags, and all other optional extras aka A La Smarte options.

Because Spirit makes the bulk of their money on extras, it’s no surprise they are encouraging flyers to pay for extras by offering double points on those options.

Will double points entice you to pay bag fees to earn more Spirit points?

Points Expire Afer 12 Months

Under the old Free Spirit program, your points expired every three months if you didn’t have any qualifying activity. Now points expire after 12 months without a qualifying transaction.

Pro-tip: You can easily earn Spirit points without flying.

Here’s how to earn points and miles without traveling. Or watch the video about 7 easy ways to earn points and miles without traveling.

Read or watch the video on how to earn Spirit points eating at restaurants.

Pro-tip: Free Spirit credit cardholder points don’t expire for as long as they have their credit card.

Pool Points

With Spirit Airlines new frequent flyer program, you have more options on how to redeem points for free flights.

You can pool points with up to eight family members and friends with the new Points Pool option. This lets you book free flights sooner and is a great way to use any abandoned Free Spirit points.

Pro-tip: You have to be a Spirit Silver or Gold elite to host a points pool.

Points + Cash

Don’t have any friends or family to pool points? Or they don’t have Free Spirit points? No worries, you can use the new Points + Cash option.

With Spirit Airlines Points + Cash, you can use a combination of points plus cash to pay for your airline ticket.

The minimum amount of points you can use with Points + Cash is 1,000 points.

Variable Award Chart

Spirit has replaced their fixed award chart with four regions based on distance and whether you’re flying, off-peak, standard, or peak, with a variable award chart based on day and route.

Free flights on Spirit Airlines still start at 2,500 points but vary based on supply and demand.

Spirit Saver$ Club

Spirit’s keeping their $9 Fare Club but it’s renamed as the Spirit Saver$ Club.

With the Spirit Saver$ Club, you get discounts on airline tickets, seat assignments, the Big Front Seat, and A La Smarte options, and up to 50% off checked and carry-on bag fees.

A yearly Spirit Saver$ Club membership is $69.95. An 18 month Spirit Saver$ Club membership is $99 and $129.90 for the 24 month membership.

Spirit Airlines Elite Tiers

Spirit Airline’s elite tiers are renamed and offer perks and benefits like free seat assignments and waived bag fees.

Spirit’s new loyalty program tiers are Member, Silver, and Gold

Pro-tip: Silver and Gold elite members and Spirit credit cardholders get Yellow Glove Concierge Service (YGCS), a dedicated phone number staffed with YGCS customer service agents.

Free Spirit Member

When you first join Spirit Airlines’ frequent flyer program you’re a member. As a Free Spirit Member, you get 6 points for every dollar spent on airline tickets and 12 points for every dollar spent on optional extras like bag fees.

Free Spirit Silver

Free Spirit Silver members earn 8 points per dollar spent on airfare and 16 points per dollar spent on any optional extras. Plus lots of perks and benefits.

You also get waived redemption fees which means you won’t pay fees to redeem points for free flights.

As a Silver elite member, you get free seat selection at check in which includes exit row seating and the Big Front Seats!

Pro-tip: You can choose your exit row seats three hours before your flight.

As a Free Spirit Silver member, you get shortcut boarding and free same-day standby.

You also get to host a points pool which lets you combine points with up to 8 friends and/or family members.

To earn Silver status you have to spend $2,000 each year.

Free Spirit Gold

Free Spirit Gold members earn 10 points for every dollar spent on airline tickets and 20 points for every dollar spent on extras.

You get all the perks of Silver elite status plus you get a free carryon bag, one free checked bag, and a free snack and drink on your flights.

As a Gold member, you also get Free Spirit Airlines Flight Flex which lets you change your flight up to 24 hours before departure without paying a fee.

To earn Gold status you have to spend $5,000 each year.

Pro-tip: You can travel hack your way to Silver or Gold elite status with the new Free Spirit credit cards.

You’ll earn more Free Spirit points and get Zone 2 shortcut board and a 25% rebate on inflight food and drink purchases.


The Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program is now spend based. The expiration date on Free Spirit points is 12 months unless you have a qualifying activity or a Spirit credit card.

You have more options to use points, such as the Points + Cash option and can pool points with up to 8 others in a Points Pool.

Spirit Airlines elite members now have perks like waived bag fees, no fees on redemptions, shortcut boarding, free seat selection, and more! 

What do you think? Do you like Spirit Airlines new Free Spirit program?

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Saturday 30th of January 2021

I love frequent flyer program. A great way to earn free flights and exclusive offers.


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

I haven't travelled though spirit airlines, looks like they have nice programme I need to check it our.


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

This is the perfect period to have new vacation projects. But I am afraid to do it, as the situation can change in a minute!

Mama Maggie's Kitchen

Tuesday 26th of January 2021

Wow! I was not aware about this but thank you for sharing! The Spirit Airlines New Frequent Flyer Program sounds really amazingly good.


Tuesday 26th of January 2021

I am looking forward to being able to travel again. It is nice to know about programs like this to make the most of traveling. We have a lot of destinations in mind!

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