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Caesars Diamond in a Day: 4 Easy Hacks to Earn Diamond Status

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You can earn Caesars Diamond in a day. You can earn Caesars Rewards Diamond status from a single day of gambling, shopping, dining, and more!

Looking for a solution on how to earn Caesars Rewards Diamond status now that Caesars has ended matching unearned status? Did your Diamond status match get revoked? Want to earn Caesars Diamond?

Here’s how you can earn Caesars Diamond status in less than 24 hours.

Caesars Diamond

As a Caesars Diamond member, you get a lot of great perks including:

  • Cheap rooms (free rooms based on gambling)
  • No resort fees
  • $100 Celebration Dinner every year
  • Free parking, valet included
  • Up to a 5 night free stay at Atlantis Bahamas
  • 2 free nights at Caesars Palace Dubai

You reach Diamond status in the Caesars Rewards program after earning 15,000 tier credits in a qualifying year.

Pro-tip: One secret perk of Diamond status is that in addition to using the Caesars Palace Pool, you can use all the pools at Caesars resorts without being a hotel guest.

Tier Credits

Tier credits are earned by staying at a Caesars Resort, dining at resort restaurants, shopping, buying show tickets, playing golf, getting spa treatments, and gambling.

The exact amount of tier credits varies depending on your activity.

You earn 1 tier credit for every $1 spent on dining, shopping, spa treatments, golf, and hotel room charges. Cabana rentals and food purchases at Caesars Palace Pool also earn tier credits.

Slot machine play earns 1 tier credit for every $5 played. Video poker and bingo earn 1 tier credit for every $10 played.

Earning tier credits at the tables is a combination of which game, your average bet, and how long you play.

You earn 1 tier credit for every $3 live keno and racing bet.

Betting on sports like games, March Madness, Superbowl, and the World Series earn 1 tier credit for every $5 of potential profit.

Pro-tip: You earn 1 tier credit for every $10 bet at Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, and Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino & Racetrack.

Diamond in a Day

The fastest way to Caesars Diamond status through tier credits is their Diamond in a Day (DIAD) offer.

With the Caesars Diamond in a Day promotion, you get a tier credit bonus based on the total number of tier credits you earn in a day:

  • 500 tier credits earn a 125 tier credit bonus
  • 1,000 tier credits earn a 1,200 tier credit bonus
  • 2,500 tier credits earn a 5,000 tier credit bonus & Platinum status
  • 5,000 tier credits earn a 10,000 tier credit bonus & Diamond status

If you’re playing slots it would cost $25,000 coin in to earn 15,000 tier credits. $50,000 if playing video poker.

You could also spend $5,000 on show tickets, dining, the spa, shopping, or hotel room charges.

Coin in is a combination of the amount of money you’ve put into the machine and what you play from any of your winnings that you did not cash out.

Before attempting to earn Diamond in a Day, make sure you know the exact hours you need to play to earn your tier credits.

Pro-tip: For calculating tier credits, a tier qualifying at Caesars is not midnight to midnight. It’s 6 am to 5:59 am. Each Caesars Casino may use a different “clock.”

If you play from midnight to 5:59, those tier credits will count towards the previous calendar day.

To earn tier credits based on a new day, at 6 am, you should take your card out of the machine, wait 30 seconds, and then put it back in. This way the tier credits you earn count towards the new day.

Track Your Tier Credits

When participating in Diamond in a Day, you can easily track your tier credits. To ensure you qualify for the bonus tier credits, you want to make sure your tier credits track properly.

Each machine has a screen that shows your current number of tier credits and how many plays it will take for that level bet to earn a tier credit.

I screenshot how many tier credits I have before playing any machine. Then I take another screenshot when I move to the next machine.

Tier credits post instantly, so you can quickly track your progress.

Pro-tip: Download the Caesars Rewards app on your phone. The home page shows your current tier and reward credits totals.

Earn Diamond in a Day Faster

Earning five thousand tier credits in a day can be a lot, here are four ways to earn Diamond in a Day faster.

Gamble on tier multiplier days

Caesars Resorts offer 5X tier multiplier days several times a year such as during Easter and Christmas. On those days, you’ll earn 5X tier points instead of 1x tier point

This means you only have to earn 2,500 tier credits to earn Diamond in a Day.

When you earn 2,500 tier credits in a day, you get a 5,000 tier credit bonus. On a 5X day, those 2,500 tier credits become 10,000 tier credits. Giving you a total of 17,500 tier points and instant Caesars Diamond status.

Although the offer says 5X, it’s only 4x additional tier points because you’re already earning 1 tier point. So Caesars calls it 5x.

Pro-tip: You don’t get 5x on the tier credit bonus just on earned base points.

Pay More For Your Hotel Room

During a 5X tier multiplier event, it can make sense to pay more for your hotel room. I don’t mean a lot more, but maybe not get heartburn over paying more than $8 a night.

Note: Effective mid-2022, Caesars stopped giving 5x tier credit for hotel rooms. Despite not getting 5x for stays during a 5x tier multiplier day, it’s still a good idea to stay at a Caesars resort. This allows you to maximize your playing time.

Play Low Volatility Machines

When you play low volatility machines, you can earn more tier credits with less coin in.

Non-progressive low volatility machines are also known as low variance slot machines. You earn regular small payouts which help your money (coin in), last longer which allows you to earn more tier credits.

Pro-tip: Low volatility machines include Double Diamond, Miss Kitty, Money Burst, Wheel of Fortune, and Wolf Run.

Take Two Days Instead of One

If earning 5,000 tier credits in one day is too difficult, you can earn Caesars Diamond over two days.

When you earn 2,500 tier credits in a single day, you’ll get the 5,000 tier credit bonus giving you 7,500 tier credits. After two days of earning 2,500 tier credits each day and getting the 5,000 tier credit bonus, you’ll have a total of 15,000 tier credits.


You can earn Caesars Diamond in a day. As a Diamond, you get tons of great perks like cheap rooms with no resort fees in the center of the Vegas strip! 

When you earn 5,000 tier credits in a day, you get a 10,000 tier credit bonus for a total of 15,000 tier credits and Diamond status.

But with a few tips, you can shortcut your way to Diamond status.

How are you going to earn Diamond in a Day?

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Monday 14th of November 2022

Great article about how to do DIAD. I just came back from a group craps event that included tier multipliers and racked up quite a lot of points...about 11K over a 3-day long weekend. Seven Stars feels out of reach, but I should be seeing the multiplier on my 11K base tier credits within 2 weeks, so I think I have a shot at Diamond Elite status! Yay.

Debra Schroeder

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Hi Jen,

That is awesome!! Here's to your Diamond Elite status!

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